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Helping you find peace, positivity and balance for living your best life.

Peace of Me Podcast

The place to find different ways to bring enjoyment, simplicity, happiness and of course, more peace back into your life. Each episode will contain tips, ideas and fresh perspectives to help you live your best life.

We’ll chat about various topics with thought provoking questions and content allowing you the opportunity for personal growth and development.

New episodes each week!

Featured Episodes

So real and so inspiring

I love this podcast! Seeing things from people’s perspective that I can relate to and use their lessons to help me improve my attitude, outlook and overall life! Well done!

Stellar Podcast!
I am a huge fan of Peace of Me. Lexy has great taste in choosing guests with topics of relevance. She hits all the marks of a successful podcast; it is informative, entertaining and fun. I highly recommend it!

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a while and recently found this one. Lexy Leigh is positive and uplifting. Men need this stuff too and it’s nice that she includes everyone in her content.

Light & fun!
The Peace of me podcast is now part of my podcast rotation. I like that she gets to the point and always has a lot to share in each episode. Nice balance of solo chats and interviews.


The journal that beautifully blends wellness with writing. If you’re a goal setter, dreamer, list maker, thinker, wellness seeker or someone who wants to create healthier habits, the Peace of Me Journal is for you! Whether you’re focused on gratitude or growth, this journal will be your personal companion to support you along the way.

The Peace of Me Journal contains:

  • 125 Total Pages
  • 5 Wellness Exercises
  • 1 Goal-Setting Section
  • 15 Journal Prompts (to help you start when you’re stuck)
  • 1 Mini-Mindset Workshop
  • 11 Inspirational Quotes
  • 100 Lined Pages
  • Hardcover Design (take it with you from the coffee shop to the couch)
  • Large Layout (larger than the average journal size)


You deserve to make yourself a priority.

Podcast Guests

Christina Nelson

Host & creator of the Radical Stepmoms Podcast & community.
Episode: 38

Kym Wootton

Mom of 2 goes viral for taking a mid-life gap year to pursue her passions.
Episode: 25

Stefan Glazer

Author of Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence & host of the Navigating Neurodivergence podcast.
Episode: 41

Christina Brucker

School psychologist shares how mental health affects children.
Episode: 32

Michael Arce

Host of The Craftsmen Online podcast; talks toxic work environments, self-doubt, hypnosis & more.
Episode: 28

Amanda Welliver

Self-esteem expert & House Hunter’s International TV star.
Episodes: 42-43  

Tess Palma-Martinez

Sound healer & founder of Completely Golden.
Episodes: 47-48

Bill Danko

Co-author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Millionaire Next Door.
Episode: 54-55


Creator of the online support community Living Sobriety Authentically.
Episodes: 39-40

Marc Arvilla

Ghost hunter & paranormal investigator.
Episodes: 44-45

About Lexy Leigh

Like you, I want to live my best life.

Have you ever felt something so compelling that you couldn’t ignore it? Maybe you weren’t sure what was calling from within, but there was a spark looking to be ignited. For years, I knew I wanted to create a platform that could connect people around the world in conversation. An outlet to feel heard, seen and validated. An outlet to spark curiosity, queue the creativity and provide fresh content.

I’m on a journey to simplify the complicated, organize the mess, walk away from what no longer serves me and make peace the priority. Life is all about change, development, transition and reflection. I hope you enjoy the conversations, interviews and thought provoking topics. Let the Peace of Me podcast inspire you to ignite the spark within yourself to live your best life.

The podcast is more than a project, it’s now my passion.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Self-Care Corner

Journal prompts:

  • What isn’t going well & needs attention?
  • What do you want your life to look like in 6 months? 12? 24?
  • Financial goals?
  • What is preventing you from moving forward (personally, professionally)?
  • What will grow your business?
  • What issues are you avoiding?
  • What resources (besides money) will help you?
  • What have you already accomplished this year?
  • What are you excited about this month? This year?
  • What’s going really well right now? Proud moments?

Take what you need, when you need it

Tips to cope with toxic people:

  • People will take what you allow them to (time, money, energy). Say no more often and mean it.
  • Stop showing up and supporting toxic people in your life- it’s sending mixed signals.
  • Find other hobbies or people who support you and are better for your mental health.
  • Don’t post publicly- keep your feelings off social media and keep it cordial. You can both co-exist and not be friends.
  • Toxic people will eventually find your replacement (but this can take time). Stay consistent with your actions.


Please enjoy a few of my favorites.

Best Life Blueprint

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